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Portable Generator

WEN Generator DF475T

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This is a portable generator that allows you to choose between two preferred fuel source for power: either gasoline or liquefied …

Portable Generator

Rainier R4400 Generator

Life becomes convenient with Rainier’s portable generator powered by gas, with its electrical start system. Aside from the backup power source, you may use it during camping out with your family. This is also a great choice if you have outdoor gatherings, activities, or an overnight party.
The Rainier R4400 Generator contains these features and highlights:

It can run on gas
Maximum run time is 18 hours
Fuel Capacity: 4 gal
Maximum watts is 4,400
Weight: 105 lbs
With the easy one-touch power button
Automatically turns off during low-oil volume …

Portable Generator

Westinghouse Generator WGen7500

This is another excellent product that can help light up your home during emergencies with its remote electric start. It can function for 16 hours to ensure convenient use as a source of electricity during power loss.
The Westinghouse Generator WGen7500 has these features and highlights:

Can function using gas
Remote start included with a key fob
Fuel Capacity is 6.6 gal
Rubber insulation on power outlets for safety
Weight: 201 lbs
Automatically shuts down when minimum oil level is reached
Digital hour meter
Has wheels to move it freely…

Portable Generator

Champion Generator 100165

This portable generator type from Champion can be the ideal product that is fit for your home during emergencies. This generator is powered using gasoline, and it has been rated for 7,500 watts.
The Champion Generator 100165 has these features and highlights:

Can function using propane or gas
Push-button capable for startup
Automatically turns off during low oil volume
Multiple power outlets for up to 5 outlets
Weight: 202 lbs
Included with an hour meter to monitor the duration of use from the last oil refill
Included with wheels for better mobility…