Grain Handling


The demand would depend on the increase of population, global trade, and customer consumption of rice, grains, corn, and cereal crops.

Lesser Maintenance

Productive processes result in facility economic efficiency and solutions that lessen downtime and maintenance that will improve ROI judgements. Our knowledge and experience in the industry about controls, power transmission, and motor products lead us to create effective solutions to boost productivity.

Installation is Easy

Millwrights seek solutions that are free from any substantial downtime when switched and implemented. We are considered as a “Farmer’s Friend” because of our money-saving and oil-reducing machinery and easy installation processes.

Grain Handling Solution

The screw conveyor is very essential in modern grain management. Leeson screws are made to provide reliable performance, power, and durability even in severe situations and challenging surroundings where our products can tolerate heavy works; the working principle is simple, a tube, mechanism, or shoot that implements a spinning helical screw blade so grains will move.