HVAC – Residential


Residential real estate construction and sales as well as the advancement and replacement of remaining equipment are the barometers in the demand for residential HVAC equipment.

Leeson machinery delivers optimal effectiveness with government standard energy provisions for productivity. This will give the OEM and proprietor years of smooth operation with a great profit.
Leading Brand

Our groundbreaking solutions, the first ECM motor to radial and axial flux machinery that give extremely high proficiencies, are the testaments of us being experts in creating innovations in the HVAC industry for more than 100 years. Leeson’s integrated blower and fan motors armed sophisticated technologies will deliver inaudible and effective procedures resulting in significant returns.

HVAC Residential Solution

One of the leading heater producers was searching to enhance its current ignition blower to a Leeson high-efficacy system. That company wanted a unit with low maintenance that would decrease downtime and give transmission to have a better regulator and diagnostics. Also, it needed a pre-mix blower to lessen NO2 discharges and provide the best air to fuel ratio. We at Leeson jumped into the rescue and provided our client with everything that he needs, allowing him to proceed with his processes smoothly.