Factors like the rates for replenishing used equipment, business food facility construction, and controllers to progress energy efficiency in the industry imposed the demand refrigeration trade.

High-Performance Equipment

Leeson supplies superior variable speed power transmission, motors, and regulator components that optimize equipment capability and increase operational earnings by lessening energy consumption.

Industry Leadership 

Our controls, motors, and power transmission machinery for refrigeration purposes are the best in the business. With over 75 years of experience, we assured that our innovations such as hermetic motors, reefer generators, belts, ECM, VFDs, axial, and radial flux motor mechanisms are high-quality.

Refrigeration Solution

A vital component in a vapor-based refrigeration system is the compressor. It functions as a pump that transfers the refrigerant from the cold part to the hot part of the refrigeration system, then the heat immersed by the refrigerant when passing through the evaporator is then extracted before the refrigeration cycle repeat.