There are many websites that you can use to review your designs.  For example, before purchasing Custom T-Shirts, you can do a through online research. This will enable you to get the best design and avoid unwanted clothes in the wardrobe. There is need to spent every dollar carefully because sometimes it is difficult to save. The following websites will offer an excellent review about all you need to know about designs.


In terms of honesty, Tee Review is highly ranked.  Alan Watchhorn, who manages the website, will never hesitate calling a company whose product does not meet high standards. It gives you reviews in depth and ensures pictures are of high quality. Alan Watchhorn also gives personal comments on the product and its design. If you want opinions which are unbiased, this is where to get your review from.

Hide your Arms

For the world of indie clothing, this will be your best choice. It offers several options where you can choose from. Personal opinions, various brands and designers are showcased so as to give reliable information. The main focus of this site includes hoodies, Custom T-Shirts and clothes related to different cultures. Based on the fact that over hundred thousand people visit the site, it shows something good is happening.

Fancy T-shirts

In case you need all new and trending T-shirts, this is the website to visit. Reviews are of high quality and photos of the clothing are attached. To make sure you do not get confused on what to purchase, they provide photos at different angles. This gives you a chance to do a good selection without any worry. Different close-ups are also provided so that you get a clear idea how the cloth will look like.  Coupons are also provided to enable you to save in advance.

I love your T-shirt

Description of this site is precise and the pictures are extremely detailed. The site has very many followers from both Facebook and Twitter. This is a prove people love what happens in the website.  It also showcases brands which are growing so as to make you updated on new clothes. Despite the pages written in French, you can always translate so as not to miss this great opportunity.

T-shirt Factory

The main focus is showcasing upcoming brands in T-shirt factories.  It provides a good spotlight on quality T-shirts. Their review is based on what is worthy and deserved by you as a buyer.  You will also get information about special deals and their availability. Interviews with designers are also posted so as to give real information about the product.


The T-shirt Magazine

This website releases information on how to start a clothing brand. Different designs are outlined to let you know what happens in T-shirt companies. It provides quality art which gives direction to start a new brand. Instead of reviewing T-shirts, they outline a quality spotlight on unique brands and T-shirts. The magazine releases are done monthly and this keeps you updated.



The above websites are highly rated therefore whenever you want a design review, do not hesitate clicking the link. You will have all information needed in regard to different designs.