Regal Beloit Canada's GoGREEN Initiatives

At Regal Beloit Canada we recognize our responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment by reducing waste and supporting environmental sustainability. Along with our employees we also invite our customers to join with us in this worldwide effort.

Our Current GoGREEN initiatives include:

  • digitization of communications
  • energy conservation
  • recycling/reduction of waste product
  • water use and waste
  • quarterly review and report

Digitization of Communications
Regal Beloit Canada has reduced its use of paper by issuing statements and invoices in digital format - email and fax. An effort is underway to issue the bulk of all future communications; newsletters, specials, new product introductions but digital means.

Energy Conservation
Reduction in energy use is a prime concern for the company. Hi-effiency lighting is utilized throughout the Mississauga building, thermostats set back and monitored, doors and flashings re-sealed and re-caulked. We have a continuing effort to identify opportunities for energy reduction - a lean concept called an "energy treasure hunt."

Recycling/Reduction of Waste
Hazardous Waste - see item below for our manufacuring facility.

The head office and distribution centre has not had to dispose of any hazardous waste for the last 3 years.
Recycling - 1) The installation of a trash compactor reduced dump loads to 1/6 the amount. 2) A wood recycling program for skids has been completed. 3) Recyclable paper fill machine instead of styrofoam “peanuts" - see sidebar. 4) Mod Shop has eliminated the use of paint thinners

Water Use and Waste
A rooftop device at our Mississauga facility measures the amount of rain received.- see sidebar.

Citizenship Compliance Review
Regularly scheduled reviews are held and reported.


A rooftop device at our Mississauga facility measures the amount of rain received. If a sufficient amount is detected the automatic sprinkler system for lawn care is bypassed and will not operate until its next scheduled time.

This rain measurement device has reduced 2008 water usage by 48%.
RanPak machines have been installed in the central distribution centre. These packing material generators have eliminated the need for styrofoam products.


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gCompliance and Sustainability

REGAL Beloit Canada's CustomPDQ manufacturing plant changed over from solvent-based varnish and 3M Scotchcast in Acetone reduced their air pollution VOC emmision from just under 3 tons to under 0.75 tons by changing to waterbased varnish and glue system. This also reduced the hazardous waste to just over 0.25 ton.


LEESON Canada CustomPDQ manufacturing plant in Hanover, ON


REGAL Beloit Canada, a Regal Beloit Company,
is part of a worldwide commitment to conservation goals.


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