At Power Generation Products Consumer Reviews, we’re looking for guest writers who have the skill and capacity to write extraordinary works that are in line with our mission and vision as an organization.

Before you submit your piece, make sure that you have taken the time and effort to check our previous content. Doing so would help you understand better what we’re looking for and what our readers are looking for.

So, if you’re confident with what you’ve written, send it to us and make sure you have followed our guidelines.

What You Should Keep in Mind

We value creativity, quality, originality, and usefulness. Guest posts on our website are usually around 1,500 to 2,500 long, so you need to ensure that your work has everything we’re looking for.

Write the whole thing, not just an idea. We can’t evaluate your work if we don’t see it, so make sure that you submit a completed piece, not just a short proposal or a title.

Keep our audience in mind. While we want our writers to express themselves how they see fit, we also need them to align with our mission and vision and keep our readers in mind.

Opportunity for promotion. We can’t guarantee that we’ll publish anything with backlinks to your previous work, but we can offer an author’s bio at the end where you can promote yourself and your brand.