When there is a power outage, it is always best to have a backup. According to the 2017 report by the American Society of Civil Engineers, there were a total of 3,571 power outages in 2015 that lasted for around 49 minutes in the US.

In such instances, generators that run on gas can come in handy. However, generators are not a top choice for many people because they make a lot of noise and produce fumes. They also need to be stored safely. Thankfully, this is not the case with solar generators.

Aside from not using fossil fuels, the best solar generators are easy to use and clean. Moreover, they are becoming more affordable because of improved solar technology. They are also great during emergencies.

If you are interested in getting a solar generator, continue reading to find the best solar generator for you.

List of the Best Solar Generators in 2021

Titan Solar Generator by Point Zero Energy

Point Zero Energy is a known brand for disaster preparedness. It is no surprise that their product is one of the best on our list. Their Titan generator provides virtually 2x the capacity of generators within the same price range. This is because it has a very efficient inverter and high battery capacity.

Although it is the most expensive generator on the list, it stands out because of its technicalities. The generator is made from high-quality and efficient materials, allowing it not to consume or waste much energy.

Power Station Explorer 1000 by Jackery

The Jackery Power Station Explorer 1000 is one of the best solar generators on the market. This solar generator is ideal for emergencies and outdoor adventures. Even though it is indicated to have 1,000 watts, it can be about 2,000.

Its lithium battery has a 1,200 watt-hours capacity. Moreover, its MPPT feature makes it easy to fully charge the unit in a short time.

Jackery is one of the known brands in clean energy products and outdoor devices. Therefore, their solar generator is ideal for camping and backup power since it comes with AC outlets.

Yeti 6000X by Goal Zero

You can use this portable solar generator from Goal Zero to power an RV or go off-grid camping. With this generator, you will get ample power since it has two 2000W AC charger ports and 6,000 watt-hours. Thanks to the home integration kit, providing power to basic circuits is easy.

Even though it is somewhat expensive, the Yeti 6000x generator is an amazing all-around generator. It has an outstanding charge controller and two sturdy AC outlets making it easy to power home devices. Additionally, you can use it to power your microwave or refrigerator.

DELTA by EF EcoFlow

The DELTA solar generator is an amazing, rugged, reliable, and functional solar generator during a power outage. The charging period is excellent because it can only take less than an hour to charge it from 0% to 80% when plugged into a wall outlet. This makes it a dependable power solution during an emergency.

Another reason why it stands out from competitor solar generators is because of its functionality and value. It also has 13 ports, matching virtually any appliance or device that needs to be charged.

iGen600s by Westinghouse

Westinghouse, a brand specializing in solar generators, has products that are recommended for camping adventures. Being a reputable brand, you can expect a quality product and the iGen600s is no exception.

The iGen600s generator is a portable generator that has 1,200 peak watts. This output is decent for small power devices and other household appliances during an emergency.

The iGen600s is worth checking out because it is a versatile and portable solar generator. It can power a small fridge for about 42 hours and 46 hours for a CPAP machine because of its lithium-ion battery. The battery has a long life and 592 watt-hours of energy.

AC200P Power Station by Bluetti

If you need a powerful solar generator for emergencies, then this generator from Bluetti may be ideal for you. This is one of the most durable solar generators available in the market, thanks to its power of 2,000 watts.

It is a great power backup at home because of its large AC inverters to provide 4800 surge capacity. This output can power all important appliances at home and even your HVAC unit. You are also assured of quality because it comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Lycan Powerbox by Renogy

Renogy makes various power chargers and stations. Their Lycan Powerbox stands out because it is only a bit larger than a suitcase. It also has durable wheels and an easy handle, making it a very portable generator. This generator has a 1200W power output, which can power most appliances and devices.

Furthermore, it can provide power for long hours without noise or fumes. It is also portable and convenient because of the LCD and intuitive controls. These controls make it easy to switch between AC and DC power. The unit also comes with 12-volt car charger ports and USB ports.


These are some of the best solar generators available in the market. It is worth getting any of them because of the numerous advantages they provide during an emergency or when you go on an outdoor adventure. Solar generators are eco-friendly since they provide renewable and clean energy and are dependable power sources.

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