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Expertise in the supply of gear reducers and gearmotors coupled with an extensive range of gear configurations in stock, has made REGAL Beloit Canada a leader in the supply of electro-mechanical goods from coast-to-coast.

Sub-fractional 1/150 hp parallel shaft to right angle 100 hp gearmotors are available around-the-clock.

The Grove Gear eCatalog and Product Locator allows you to quickly find the right Grove Gear product for your application. You can obtain images, CAD drawings and part specifications.

Getting started is easy! Click here to go to the eCatalog.

REGAL has three Grove Gear product lines, including cast iron helical-inline, helical-worm and helical-bevel reducers.

TorqueLine Helical Gear Reducers and Gearmotors


Bravo Worm Reducers & LeCENTRIC inline reducers

Grove Gear offers a lightweight alternative to both cast iron worm and coaxial (inline) helical gear reducers. Although there are pros and cons to cast iron and aluminum, one application might strongly lean toward cast iron where another may require only aluminum construction. The Grove designed aluminum gear reducers have some very distinctive advantages including: lightweight and compact construction, lower purchase and shipping costs and extreme mounting flexibility. In addition, the paint-free exterior of Grove aluminum reducers makes them a perfect solution in many applications, including washdown; food, chemical and pharmaceutical processing.

Learn more about the Bravo and the LeCENTRIC lines.


IRONMAN™ by Grove Gear Worm Gear Reducers

Standard Cast Iron Worm Gear Reducers

Already recognized throughout the world as a major source of industrial-duty electric motors, gearmotors, gear reducers and drives, REGAL joined forces with GROVE GEAR, another leader in the power transmission industry, to offer an even wider range of power transmission packaged solutions.

Introducing IRONMAN BY GROVE GEAR™, the industry's newest, most superior line of worm gear reducers, combining the solid name recognition and gear reducer experience of GROVE GEAR with premium features of the IRONMAN™ series. Available through 6.00” center distance, the 800 Series IRONMAN BY GROVE GEAR™ reducer line is a true heavy duty workhorse that handles the environmental assaults, shock loading, frequent reversing and continuous duty cycles typical in many industrial applications.

Learn more about Standard IRONMAN by GROVE GEAR™ Reducers

View IRONMAN ™ gear CAD Drawings (DWG's).

Washdown Gear Reducers

Washdown reducers are designed and built to withstand the rigors of high pressure washdowns in food service and other wet or humid conditions. They combine the standard IRONMAN™ features with added WASHGUARD® features assuring trouble-free operation. Use these with LEESON WASHGUARD® “Duck” motors for a Gear+Motor™ with truly unmatched ability to thrive under conditions that quickly destroy most motors and gear reducers.

Learn more about Washdown Duty IRONMAN by GROVE GEAR™ reducers

All Stainless Gear Reducers

The new 800 Series of All-Stainless worm gear reducers are designed to withstand the rigors of high-pressure washdowns. Built on the foundation of Grove Gear industrial-duty line, these All-Stainless reducers add premium features to ensure trouble-free operation in food processing, pharmaceutical, poultry processing, chemical areas and other high-humidity, abrasive or corrosive environments. All-Stainless reducers are available in four center distances, in ratios from 5:1 through 100:1 with NEMA C flange, quill or coupling input.

Learn more about All Stainless IRONMAN by GROVE GEAR™ Reducers

More information is available for IRONMAN™ by Grove Gear.


PDF Catalog 6050C - Gear Reducer Catalogue
PDF Catalog 7050 - Aluminum Inline Gear Reducer Catalog




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